Oscar 2013 Wrap-Up

Argo54Well, it was another one of those nights.  Like last year, I only got 13 of my Oscar predictions correct.  This could be attributed partially to the real unpredictability of last night’s Oscars, which saw Ang Lee with Best Director for Life of Pi, Quentin Tarantino win his second Writing Oscar, and an outright tie for Sound Editing between Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall.  At least I was correct in my pick of Argo for Best Picture and the other more predictable awards, such as 3/4 of the acting categories, turned out to be right on the nose (I wasn’t upset to see Christoph Waltz win his second Best Supporting Actor award, even though I predicted Robert DeNiro). I also have to say that I quite enjoyed myself watching the Oscars at the Bloor Cinema here in Toronto.  The Oscars is quite a long ceremony and I would have been more likely dying of boredom if I stayed at home to watch the ceremony.  I definitely hope that the Bloor makes this a regular thing. Well, that’s all I have to say about this year’s Oscars. Until next year.

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