Canadian Film Fest 2013 Wrap-Up

Canadian Film Fest This was my first time attending the Canadian Film Fest and I have to say that it made a fine addition to my film festival line-up.  It’s often easy to forget that Canada has its own film industry, when so much of our domestic film content comes from the United States.  It’s great that there is a film festival in existence that gives local filmmakers a chance to have their films shown on the big screening.  I managed to make it to about 75% of the film festival’s screenings, including 5 out of 6 of the feature films.  Even though I didn’t personally love all of the films screened at the festival, I still applaud the filmmakers, who spent a lot of time and money to get these films shown the way they were meant to be seen – in a theatre in front of a crowd. Now without further ado, here are my Top Three Features and Top Five Shorts. Top Three Feature Films

  1. The Storm Within
  2. Skull World
  3. The Disappeared

Top Five Shorts

  1. Flood
  2. Counselling
  3. For Clearer Skies
  4. Aiden
  5. Zen

Keep an eye on this post for the addition of photos and video from the Canadian Film Fest, which will be linked as soon as they are uploaded.

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