What I Watched – May 7-26

Time to relaunch my weekly log of the films I watched, which will now have an easier to read format.  It’s been six weeks since my last post, so I am going to save myself a lot of trouble and just post the films I saw after Hot Docs ended (you can always see my full log over on Letterboxd). Theatrical Screenings

  • Iron Man 3 – It was an OK enough film, though the characterization of The Mandarin lost some points for me.
  • Room 237 (rewatch) – These people are crazy.
  • The Shining (rewatch) – Great on the big screen.
  • The Great Gatsby – For better or for worse, this is very much a Baz Luhrmann film.
  • Star Trek into Darkness – I overall liked the film, however it was very obvious at times that Abrams would rather be making a Star Wars film.
  • Dazed and Confused (rewatch) – This film has grown on me through rewatches.
  • The Rep – A very interesting look into the poor state of repertory cinemas, using the case study of the Toronto Underground Cinema.
  • The Hangover Part III – An enjoyable conclusion to the trilogy


  • Skyfall (rewatch) – The film sure looks pretty.
  • Due Date (rewatch) – The dog still cracks me up.


  • Chronicle – Even though the film’s first act was almost cringe-worthy, this turned out to be one of the most unique and interesting found footage films I’ve seen.

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