TADFF13 Interview: Actor Alain Chanoine Talks Evil Feed

evilfeedtyrone Prior to last night’s world premiere of the film Evil Feed at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I sat down with actor Alain Chanoine, who plays Tyrone in the movie.  Chanoine has a background in martial arts and has previously done stunt work for the films Immortals, Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Blade: Trinity.  Chanoine also has a starring role in the upcoming APTN series Mohawk Girls. Sean Kelly: OK, I guess we’ll start with you talking a bit about Evil Feed and the character you play. Alain Chanoine: Well, I play a character and his name’s Tyrone. He’s the enforcer of the crew.  Like there’s a couple characters, everybody’s got his own role in the crew, and I’m the enforcer. I’m there to protect my friends, to kick some ass, and kind of the comedic relief at some point. Yeah, that would be my role in the crew. SK: So, the enforcer? AC: I would say the enforcer yeah, because he’s never scared, he gets pissed off real easy, and the mediator too. Because, when the characters start fighting, he’s always there to be, you know, “We’re a crew, let’s stick together,” you know, he’s the brother that keeps everybody together. SK: So, what exactly attracted you to take a role in Evil Feed, a film that combines martial arts with cannibalism? AC: That is exactly what attracted me to it, because I never heard of anything like that before.  Like, I have been doing martial arts since I was a little kid. I love like gore, martial arts, comedy; I never heard of a movie having those three elements, ever. And you know, Kimani told me about the movie, Kimani’s the director, and I didn’t really know what to expect, because I never heard of any movie like that.  I’m like “How are you going to make it work?” That’s basically what I want to know. So, I joined the film to see how he was going to make it work, and he is. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so we’ll see tonight. SK: OK. So, you mentioned your martial arts background. How has this background helped you with your performance as Tyrone? AC: That was awesome, because we were rehearsing really quick. I mean, I helped doing the fights, choreographing the fights and stuff, so when we’re not shooting, we were rehearsing.  I didn’t have a stunt performer or anything like that, I did all the stunts, and that really helped. And it was really cool, because I get to do my own stunts. So a lot of kicking, spin jump kicks, and he’s all about martial arts, so that’s what we’re doing.  It was basically combining my childhood passion for martial arts with my adulthood passion, which is acting. SK: So, a childhood passion in martial arts? AC: I’m still practicing martial arts, but I don’t want to make a living doing it.  I’m still doing it just for fun, but acting is my bread and butter. SK: So, while I think you partially answered this already, what are your thoughts on Evil Feed’s overall grindhouse aesthetic and extreme violence and gore? AC: I think it’s very interesting. You know, you either love it or you don’t.  You either love it or hate it.  Because it’s a lot of violence, a lot of blood, and a lot of, you know, action and sex.  So, you either love it or hate it.  I love it and I can’t wait to see the movie to see if I love the movie.  I know I’ll love it, because all my friends are in it, we worked hard on it, Kimani’s a great director, I can’t wait to see it. SK: I actually rewatched the trailer today and I noticed your character had kind of a lot of one-liners in the film like “Go ahead, make my dinner.”  So, can we expect that from Tyrone throughout the whole film? AC: Yeah, I’m pretty sure we can.  It’s like he was raised in movies, like 70s movies. So Clint is “Go ahead, make my day,” there’s another one…uhh…I won’t tell you all the one-liners, but it’s really, really, I want to say corny, but corny sounds negative.  It’s very funny, I really love it.  Like, there’s these one-liners…he’s the one-liner of the movie. He is, Tyrone is. So, I can say you can expect it in the movie, yes. SK: Well, that’s all I have, so good luck with the world premiere. AC: Thank you so much. Well, that wraps up my interview with Alain Chanoine.  Keep an eye out for my review of Evil Feed, which will go up later today.

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