Reel Asian 2013: My Thoughts on Confession of Murder

Confession_Murder After failing to catch a serial killer, Lieutenant Choi (Jeong Jae-yeong) is left physically and mentally scarred by his ordeal.  As the 15 year statute of limitations on the case expires, a man named Lee Du-seok (Park Si-hoo) emerges, claiming to be the killer.  Lee releases a tell-all book with specific details about the case and he becomes an instant cult celebrity.  However, Choi is not convinced that Lee is the real killer and he sets out to find the truth.  Meanwhile, the family of the killer’s final victim desperately wants revenge against Lee and is fully prepared to take matters into their own hands. I thought that Confession of Murder was well-done action/thriller, which somewhat satirizes the media’s obsession with serial killers.  Lee is always being followed by reporters, as well as groupies, who are just concerned with how unbelievably handsome he is.  This obsession with media comes to a peak through a series of televised debates between Lt. Choi and Lee.  The television producers are shown insisting that these debates take place, even though there is a chance that Choi could get violent against Lee, while on the air. It is also interesting how the community as a whole is overly forgivable of Lee, even though he has supposedly done terrible acts.  Of course, there’s the family of the final victim, who is more concerned with revenge, than forgiveness.  I should note that this is a story that could only really make sense in Korea, which really has a statute of limitations on murder.  It would definitely seem odd to North American audiences, where there is no such law. Throughout the course of the film, there are some very interesting twists and turns, which leaves you guessing what the truth truly is.  I also have to say that the film features some very impressive car chase scenes, which features some great stunt work, most of which is done practically.  In fact, I would argue that a lengthy car chase, which takes place in the middle of the film, can be considered one of the main highlights. Confession of Murder doesn’t really re-write the book, when it comes to these types of crime thrillers, but I still had a fun time watching the cat and mouse game play out between Lt. Choi and Lee.  It is very interesting how the events of this film turns out and I will say that I thought that this was an overall enjoyable action/thriller.8 | LIKED IT

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