Reel Asian 2013: Wrap-Up

reelasian2013Even though the 2013 edition of the Reel Asian film festival is scheduled to continue throughout the week, including a series of screenings this weekend in Richmond Hill, my schedule has only allowed me to attend the first week of the festival.  This was my first year attending Reel Asian and I can say that I enjoyed what I saw.  Even though I’m most attracted to the films that come from East Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea, it was still nice to see some of South Asian selections, including the enjoyable opening film Bombay Talkies. Throughout the course of the week I managed to see eight of the films screened, which ended up being a nice round number.  I’m also happy to say that I can say that I quite enjoyed most of the films I saw, with only a couple being somewhat underwhelming.  I will most definitely be returning to Reel Asian in 2014. Before I go, here are my Top 3 Films of the festival:

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