Golden Globes Wrap-Up

12YearsaSlave5As I watched tonight’s Golden Globe Awards, I was reminded why I have fallen out of favour with them in recent years.  This particular awards show has become increasingly difficult to pick, since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association seems to select these awards out of a hat.  They seemed to particularly love American Hustle, which ended up winning three awards, including Best Picture Comedy/Musical. On the other hand, 12 Years a Slave ended up only winning a single award for Best Picture Drama.  The rest of the awards were spread out among the other nominated films, with me only correctly predicting 5 out of 14 of the film-related awards correctly (one award better than my terrible showing two years ago). I am sure a few of these awards will pave the way for Oscar nominations and wins, but it always boggles my mind about how much of a bizzaro world the HPFA live in.  Either way, I am sure the awards season over the the next month or so is going to be very interesting.

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