My Thoughts on the Oscar Nominees

Can’t you believe it! I always like trying to get up early to watch the live Oscar nominee announcement, but I forgot to set my alarm and ended up sleeping through the whole thing.  Either way, I ended up not being too surprised by this year’s batch of nominees.  As always, I shall take some time and give my random thoughts on the nominees.

  • For the third year in a row, the Academy is going with nine Best Picture nominations (they should probably just make that the rule).  I’m happy to say that I’ve seen most of this line-up, with me only having to catch up with Dallas Buyers Club and Philomena, one of which I’ll likely see within the week.
  • There are absolutely no acting nominations which has me scratching my head.  I should note, this is the second year in a row that a David O. Russell films receives nominations in all four acting categories.
  • Quite happy to see Hayao Miyazaki’s swan song The Wind Rises get nominated for Best Animated Feature. I’d be happy if either it or Frozen wins.
  • I’ve seen three of the five Best Documentary nominees, will like see the other two sometime before the ceremony. No comment on Stories We Tell not getting nominated.
  • The Broken Circle Breakdown is the only Best Foreign Language Film nominee that I’ve seen and obviously the one I am rooting for (though I should try catching up with The Hunt).
  • Oscar Nominee Bad Grandpa… (for Best Make-up)
  • Having heard three of the five, this year has one of the better Best Song line-ups in a while.  Since two of the songs (“Let it Go” and “Moon Song”) have different versions by different artists, it’ll be interesting to see who’ll perform each at the ceremony.
  • Looking forward to once again seeing the Short Film nominations at the Bell Lightbox.  The only one I’ve already seen is the Disney animated short Get a Horse.
  • Apparently Before Midnight gets a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination because the Academy considers sequels adaptations.
  • I’d be surprised if Gravity does NOT get the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Well that wraps up my random thoughts on the nominees.  The Academy Awards will be presented on March 2.

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