Canadian Film Fest 2014 Wrap-Up

Canadian Film Fest 2014 This was my second year covering the Canadian Film Fest.  This year I made it out to 6 of the 7 feature film screenings and I have to say that I overall liked the quality of these year’s line-up.  While there was no film this year that I outright loved, there was nothing that I hated either.  While the Canadian Film Fest remains one of the smaller film festivals to happen in Toronto, it is still important for there to be a venue for independent Canadian films to be screened to an audience.  It is a feat in of itself that many of these screenings had great turnouts and it helps to demonstrate that there is an audience for locally made Canadian films.  The tagline for this year’s Canadian Film Fest was “Great Films that Happen to Be Canadian” and it is definitely something that should be taken to heart for people, who may look down on Canadian films as being somehow “inferior” to the films that come out of the United States.  I can say for myself that I will continue to support the Canadian Film Fest, and Canadian film in general, for many years to come. Here are my Top Three Features and Top Five Shorts. Top Three Features

  1. The Privileged
  2. Patch Town
  3. The Birder

Top Five Shorts

  1. Bastards
  2. Margaret Finds Her Mojo
  3. Uncommon Enemies
  4. The Golden Ticket
  5. Snapshots

Now, to wrap up my coverage, I shall embed the “Canadian zombie” advertisement that became a bit of a viral hit during the festival this year. Enjoy.

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