Hot Docs 2014: 112 Weddings

112_Weddings Aside from his main career as a documentary filmmaker, Doug Block has had a 20 year side-career as a wedding videographer.  As he prepares to do the wedding video for his 112th wedding, Block decides to revisit a number of his past clients and catch up with how their marriages turned out.  What follows is a contemplation of marriage as a social institution and what exactly happens after the happily ever after. Probably one of the most important statements made in 112 Weddings is that “happy weddings are a dime a dozen, but happy marriages are much more rare.” With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it can be quite easy to wonder why people get married in the first place?  There are so many challenges that come with being married, which include arguments, children, and even depression.  Of the couples featured within the film, some are still quite happy, while others have sadly ended in divorce. In some ways, 112 Weddings might cause people to reconsider getting married, especially after seeing the film’s examples of failed marriages.  However, the film also gives plenty of support for marriages, particularly when it involves the legal privileges married couples receive.  At the end of the day, there is probably isn’t a black and white answer to the question of why people get married and what can be done to make marriages last.  Either way, 112 Weddings is still an interesting examination of this question and is probably a must-watch for anyone considering to tie the knot. 8 | LIKED IT 112 Weddings opens for its regular release May 23 at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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