Hot Docs 2014: Giuseppe Makes a Movie

Giuseppe_Makes_A_Movie Giuseppe Andrews is a former child actor, who had parts in films such as Detroit Rock City, American History X, and Independence Day.  Living in a trailer park, Giuseppe has produced almost 30 no-budget films with his producer Ed (a former background musician with the BeeGees).  With the goal to shoot his latest film Garbanzo Gas in only two days, Giuseppe gather together his team of homeless actors and sets off to create his latest opus. It can be surmised that the ultimate moral of Giuseppe Makes a Movie is that practically anyone can make a movie if they really want to, even if they live in a trailer park.  While I didn’t recognize Giuseppe Andrews’ name prior to watching this film, he does have quite a few notable acting credits, some of which I’ve seen.  However, it seems that making these films is Giuseppe’s true passion.  Featuring a cast of elderly homeless actors, with names like Vietnam Ron and Sir Bigfoot George, Giuseppe creates these no-budget films, filled with crude acts and dialogue that’s practically pornographic. Giuseppe Makes a Movie is probably not a documentary for everyone, since there is many shocking and tasteless elements.  This includes a very brief shot of a slaughter house, as well as Giuseppe frequently being seen having to clean up one of his actors, after several “accidents.”  However, there is a certain charm to the passion Giuseppe has to his filmmaking.  They not be the best movies, but a least everyone has fun making them together.  All together, Giuseppe Makes a Movie is interesting look into this world of no-budget independent filmmaking.7 | FAIR 

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