NXNE 2014: Let's Ruin it with Babies

LetsRuinItWithBabies Channing (Kestrin Pantera) and her husband Chaz (Jonathan Grubb) are preparing to hit the road with their “RVIP” mobile karaoke project.  Chaz also wants to use the trip to have a baby with Channing, but she feels that motherhood would ruin everything good that’s going for her. When Chaz gets hired into his dream job and has to bail on the trip, Channing goes on without him and learns that having a baby is the least of life’s problems. In a nutshell, Let’s Ruin it with Babies is a film about taking the pressures of running a karaoke business out of an RV and equating it with the responsibility with having a baby.  Channing fears that having a child would ruin all the good things happening in her life at the moment.  However, as the realities of running her RVIP business starts to become more apparent, Channing begins to have second thoughts about whether or not having a baby would truly ruin things for her. Let’s Ruin it with Babies is definitely a film aimed towards a female crowd, with the film featuring many conversations about the societal expectation of women to have children.  Other than Chaz, who all but disappears from the film after the first act, the only major male character in the film is Max (Sam Friedman), who is one of the friends who accompanies Channing on her roadtrip.  Personally, I have to admit that Let’s Ruin it with Babies didn’t totally connect with me.  However, this film is still fine for what it is and I am sure that it will find an audience. 6 | WATCHABLE Screenings:

  • Sunday June 15, 6:30 PM – Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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