NXNE 2014: Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back – The Quiet Riot Movie

WellNowYoureHereTheresNoWayBack In 1983, Quiet Riot became the first heavy metal band to have an album at the top of the Billboard charts, based on the strength of their hit single “Cum on Feel the Noize.” However, the band quickly found themselves falling into obscurity and in 2007 lead singer Kevin DuBrow was found dead of a drug overdose.  Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back follows drummer and founding member Frankie Banali as he tries to reform Quiet Riot, which includes finding a new singer that can match the stage presence (and vocal range) of Kevin DuBrow. Quiet Riot can be described as a very influential one hit wonder. “Cum on Feel the Noize” helped catapult their album Metal Health past Michael Jackson’s Thriller on the charts, which helped pave the way for the hair metal trend of the 1980s. However, turmoil within the band, including Kevin DuBrow being out outspoken jerk, resulted in the band being unable to match their success.  Over the course of its career, Quiet Riot had countless line-up changes and found themselves reduced to playing at state fairs.  When Kevin DuDrow was found dead in 2007, it was thought that Quiet Riot died with him. The majority of Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back, which is directed by Frankie Banali’s fiancé  Regina Russell, focuses on Quiet Riot’s attempts to reform with a new lead singer and regain some relevance on the modern rock scene.  Very little of the film focuses on the band’s 1980s heyday, though the film does incorporate some backstage footage shot by the band.  While it would be very hard for Quiet Riot to regain the level of success they had in the 1980s, this film is still successful in showing the determination of the band to carry on. 8 | LIKED IT Screenings:

  • Sunday June 15, 9:45 PM – Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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