TIFF 2014: Tu Dors Nicole

TuDorsNicole A Quebec girl tries to find herself in suburbia in the coming-of-age film Tu Dors Nicole.  Nicole (Julianne Côté) is a 22 year old girl, who is housesitting for her parents, while they are out of town.  While planning a trip to Iceland with her best friend Véronique (Catherine St-Laurent), Nicole’s quiet solitude is interrupted by the arrival of her older brother Rémi (Marc-André Grondin) and his garage band. Tu Dors Nicole is a charming little coming of age tale, which is sprinkled with flourishes of fantasy.  The film film is impeccably well-shot, with some gorgeous black and white cinematography.  Tu Dors Nicole doesn’t have too much of a story arc, other than Nicole being stuck in a bit of a rut over the course of a summer.  While there are some plot threads, such as a planned trip to Iceland and flirtations with the drummer of Nicole’s brother’s band, there is nothing that really comes to fruition.  However, the film is still charming to watch. One of the most humorous and fantastical elements of Tu Dors Nicole is the neighbourhood kid Martin, who has the voice of an adult male and frequently speaks of his unrequited love for Nicole.  The film includes some other bouts of fantasy, including the final shot, though they do not overbear on the plot.  Probably the biggest nitpick I have about Tu Dors Nicole is the film’s habit of cutting to black between scenes, which caused me to believe on multiple occasions that the film was ending.  Still, Tu Dors Nicole was a charming and enjoyable little coming of age story. 8 | LIKED IT Screenings:

  • Thursday, September 11, 4:45pm – Scotiabank Theatre 4
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