TADFF14: Time Lapse

time-lapseFinn (Matt O’Leary) is the building manager of an apartment complex, who lives with his girlfriend Callie (Danielle Panabaker) and friend Jasper (George Finn).  After finding out that the scientist that lives across from their apartment hasn’t been heard from for a while, the three check in on him and find a giant camera pointed towards their living room.  They quickly discover that the camera takes a photo every day at 8pm, which reveals what the living room looks like 24 hours in the future.  Initially, the photos turn out to be a blessing, as Finn uses them to advance his career as an aspiring artist and Jasper uses them to rig betting on races.  However, as the photos become more questionable, paranoia begins to strike as these friends worry about messing with time. If you knew what was going to happen in the future, would you be obliged to make sure that it happens or choose to deviate from the predetermined path? That paradox is what’s at the core of the plot of Time Lapse, where these three friends find out the hard way that knowing what will happen in the future is probably not the best idea.  Over the course of the film, paranoia grows, as the three feel obliged to make the photos come true, with the fear that something might go horribly wrong. Time Lapse is not a perfect film and lags a bit in the second act.  However, as the three friends slowly turn on one another, the film turns into somewhat of cautionary tale, which gives the message that you can’t really mess with time. Altogether, Time Lapse turned out to be an intriguing paranoid thriller, which demonstrates that it is probably not a good idea knowing what happens tomorrow.8 | LIKED IT

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