BITS 2014: Heinous Acts

heiniousacts Michael Coulthard (Daniel Cristofori) is the records manager of an evidence room featuring files from some of the most heinous crimes in history.  Michael breaks into the room one night to impress the new cleaning girl (Eleni Nico) and he proceeds to tell her about some of the key cases. In The Crawl Space Killer, Trish (Claudia Wit) thinks that her father is having an affair, but it turns out to be much worse. In Rural Myths, a television show crew camps out in the woods to investigate the urban legend of a killer named Weird Willy. Finally, in The Baby Monitor, John (Luke Gallo) comes home from his wife and baby’s funeral and begins to experience some weird occurrences. Heinous Acts is an anthology film, which features three stories, each of which covers a different subgenre of horror.  The Crawl Space Killer follows slasher film tropes, Rural Myths is a found footage film, and The Baby Monitor is a haunted house tale.  These three stories are bridged by the evidence room framing story, involving  a cleaning girl, who seems to be a little too interested in listening to these macabre stories. Of the three stories that make-up Heinous Acts, The Baby Monitor is probably the one that is the most well put together.  Rural Myths is undoubtedly the weakest of the three, with its nauseating shaky camera work and its very light, almost spoof-like tone.  In fact, there is nothing particularly heinous about the acts portrayed in the film.  Heinous Acts just uses this evidence room structure to join together these three horror short films, which don’t really relate too much thematically.  Altogether, Heinous Acts is a somewhat uneven, yet perfectly watchable, horror anthology film.6 | WATCHABLE

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