Trailer: The Fantastic Four

fantasticfour A teaser trailer has arrived for the new reboot of The Fantastic Four, which is directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle).  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a hater of the, now decade-old, previous film adaptation of Fantastic Four, which I thought had a certain charm to it (and featured Chris Evans before he was Captain America).  However, this new take on the superhero team really looks to be quite impressive.  Perhaps this is just a case of good trailer editing, but this new Fantastic Four looks to have a much more darker and serious tone than the previous films, which includes a much better looking (and presumably CGI) version of The Thing.  I’m not sure yet what to think of the film’s younger cast, which includes Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.  However, my interest in the film has definitely peaked and I’ll probably check out the film when it opens on August 7.

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