Canadian Film Fest 2015: Barn Wedding

Barn-WeddingA lifestyle blogger rushes to have the perfect wedding in the dead of winter in Barn Wedding.  Emma (Emily Coutts) is preparing to wed Colin (Brett Donahue), her boyfriend of five years.  Emma’s best friend and roommate Jessie (Kelly McCormack) returns from travelling abroad and is asked to be Emma’s maid of honour.  With Colin receiving a new job in Fort McMurray, Emma is forced to move the wedding and she, Colin, Jessie, and various friends and family travel up to a barn in the country to have the wedding. Barn Wedding is dramedy about a young woman, who is seemingly rushing into marriage, before her boyfriend leaves for his new job.  Before I proceed any further about the film, I have to admit that I am probably not the core audience of the film.  This is very much a female-centric story, with much girl talk between Emma, Jessie, and her friends.  There are only really four males central to the plot, with each of them having a different character-type, the most obnoxious of which being Collin’s offensive jerk of an older brother Derrick, played by the film’s director Shaun Benson. Throughout the course of Barn Wedding, Emma gets increasingly stressed about her nuptials and her friends wonder if there is an ulterior motive for her rushing to marry her boyfriend in the dead of winter.  This question is sort of answered through a third act plot revelation, which sheds a new light on the relationships between the characters.  However, the film somewhat drops by ball by revealing this plot development and not bothering to resolve it, leaving the film with an ambiguous and somewhat cynical ending, which left me desiring more closure. That said, Barn Wedding is still a well-made film, which should find its audience. ★ ★ ★ |  WATCHABLE

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