Canadian Film Fest 2015: Ben's at Home

bens_at_homeA 30 year old man decides that he is going to remain at home indefinitely in Ben’s at Home.  Ben (Dan Abramovici) is a young man, who has just turned 30 and is coping with a recent break-up.  Deciding that he does not like going out and socializing with his friends, Ben decides that he is never going to leave his home again.  With his dog to keep him company, Ben spends his time playing video games, browsing the web, and meeting girls online.  However, with a friend’s wedding coming up and a growing connection with his delivery girl Jess (Jessica Embro), Ben has to decide whether it’s worth it for him to stay a shut-in. There are times when you just want to avoid the realities of life and just stay at home.  That is the case in Ben’s at Home, where the titular Ben would rather spend all his time at home than cope with the feelings caused by his recent break-up.  Ben actually does a pretty good job as shut-in, keeping himself busy with his videogames, BBC nature documentaries, and getting his groceries delivered to his door.  However, things start to get complicated when Ben has to begin considering the feelings of the people in his life, particularly a new possible romantic relationship. Ben’s at Home is a relatively simple film, with the bulk of the story taking place in the single location of Ben’s home.  However, despite of monotonous setting, the plot of the film slowly reveals the true reasoning why Ben decided that he was never going to leave home ever again.  This is a story that can be relatable to anyone who’s at a crossroad of their life and it helps to make Ben’s at Home a pretty compelling coming-of-age comedy. ★ ★ ★ ★ | LIKED IT

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