Canadian Film Fest 2015: The Cocksure Lads Movie

COCKSURE-LADSA British band arrives in Toronto for their first ever North American gig in The Cocksure Lads Movie. Dusty (Lyndon Ogbourne), Reg (Adam McNab), Derek (Luke Marty), and Blake (Edward Hillier) make up The Cocksure Lads, a Beatles-like rock band from England. Mere minutes after arriving in Toronto for a gig, lead singer Dusty gets arrogant about royalties, resulting in a fight with guitarist Reg.  Dusty then storms off, apparently marking an end to the band.  The remaining band members go on their separate ways, with the hopes of finding Dusty and saving the performance. The Cocksure Lads Movie is a musical comedy directed by Murray Foster, who is a member of the real band the film is based on.  The Cocksure Lads are a Britpop band, who seem like they came straight out of the 1960s.  A good comparison to this movie would be Flight of the Conchords, particularly through the use of multiple music video-style song performances throughout the film.  Each of the band members get sing at least once song each, most of which have some pretty ridiculous lyrics.  The film as a whole is an ode to the love of music and how achieving fame isn’t always the greatest aspiration. Much of the plot of the film involves the band members going on their own separate ways and interacting with various individuals, including indie rocker Chloe (Chelsea Leaman), Coldplay loving Lily (Laura Vincent), groupie med student Jennifer (Laura Tremblay), and promiscuous Lucy (Sophia Fabiilli).  The film also features cameos from Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle and CBC’s Matt Galloway.  While much of the film is pretty enjoyable, one aspect that doesn’t really work is the inclusion of two Brit-hating numbskulls, who are only there to give the film antagonists.  Altogether, The Cocksure Lads is a fun musical comedy. ★ ★ ★ ★ | LIKED IT Screenings:

  • Wed, March 25th, 6:45 PM – The Royal Cinema

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