Hot Docs 15 CAST Awards Announced

For the first time ever, the Cinema Appreciation Society of
have announced the CAST Awards for the 2015 edition of the Hot Docs
Canadian International Documentary Festival.  A total of thirteen individuals,
myself included, submitted ballots to determine the top films of the festival. 
The film that ended up coming out on top was the Indian Jones remake
story Raiders!, even though it was followed very closely by Listen
to Me Marlon
.  I actually saw 8 of the top ten films, with many of them
being among my own favourites of the fest.
Here is the full top ten:
  1. Raiders!
  2. Listen to Me, Marlon
  3. Help Us Find Sunil Trapathi
  4. The Berkley Marathons
  5. Best of Enemies
  6. The Amina Profile
  7. The Queen of Silence
  8. The Wolfpack
  9. The Nightmare
  10. T-Rex

You may see my top ten by going to my festival wrap-up and you can also check out a PDF, which gives the full breakdown.

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