Fantasia 2015: Crumbs

A man traverses across post-apocalyptic Ethiopia looking to board a spaceship in Crumbs. Candy (Daniel Tadesse) is a physical malformed man, who lives with the love of his life Birdy (Selam Tesfaye). A spaceship has been hovering in the sky since the beginning of the big war, which Birdy believes is about to turn on. Candy heads on a quest across the Ethiopian wasteland to find a way for him and Birdy to board the spaceship and leave the planet.

Crumbs is a very unique brand of science fiction film, which is quite unlike any other post-apocalyptic story. The world of the film takes place far enough in the future that 20th century pop culture has become important artifacts. For instance, Birdy prays in front on a photograph of Michael Jordon, while Ninja Turtle keychains and Michael Jackson records are offered for sale to the locate pawn broker, who relates their importance to the ancient Molegon warriors. The world of Crumbs is both strangely familiar and just plain strange.

At the centre of Crumbs is Daniel Tadesse as the lead protagonist Candy, who is instantly notable by his malformed body structure. The film also features a number of odd characters that show up on Candy’s quest, including a Nazi wearing a gas mask and Santa Claus, who lives in a zoo. Ultimately, the story of Crumbs doesn’t make all that sense, yet there is a certain charm to Candy’s journey, which is driven by his love for Birdy. Also, at a running time of only 68 minutes, Crumbs is a relatively short but sweet Ethiopian post-apocalyptic tale.

 ★ ★ ★ 1/2 | FAIR  


  • Fri, July 31, 7:40 PM – J.A. De Seve Theatre
  • Mon, Aug 3, 3:00 PM – J.A. De Seve Theatre

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