Fantasia 2015: Meathead Goes Hog Wild

A young man slowly goes crazy over the course of one really bad night in Meathead Goes Hog Wild. An unnamed man in his twenties (Kevin Cline) gets fired from his job at a Chicago butcher shop and steals as much meat as he can in retaliation.  Going by the mantra of “meat is power,” the man tries to give away the meat around the city to get some good karma.  However, as the night progresses, things steadily go from bad to worse.

Meathead Goes Hog Wild is the feature length debut by the trio of Kevin Cline, Zach Harris, and Sean Piece. The film begins in a somewhat odd fashion, as the credits play over shots of a bodybuilder posing, accompanied by a synthesized score.  As it turns out, these opening credits are where Meathead Goes Hog Wild hits its peak. The opening credit sequence is quite well produced and edited, which somewhat clashes with the film itself, which has a very DIY feel to it.

The film doesn’t really have any real story other than “somewhat bipolar young man slowly goes crazy,” with the biggest plot development being the completely absurd idea of giving away meat to strangers. The lead protagonist of the film, played by co-director Cline, isn’t really all that likable, especially when he explodes in foul-mouthed tirades. As events progressively get worse for the man, he eventually goes on a complete feral rampage. It is by this point that I have completely given up on Meathead Goes Hog Wild, which was a complete and total utter waste of my time.


Sean Kelly Author

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