Fantasia 2015: Wrap-Up

Well, that was a busy three weeks!

It would be safe to say that my very first  year covering the Fantasia International Film Festival was a successful one. In addition to six re-posted reviews of films I saw at previous festivals, I ended up watching and reviewing a whopping 41 films over the course of the festival. I could have chose to limit my coverage to the twenty or so screenings I attended while in Montreal, but I ended up feeling the compulsive need to continue watching and reviewing Fantasia films (via screeners) after I returned to Toronto. I am already making plans to return to Montreal for next year’s 20th edition of Fantasia.

Now, without further ado, here is my full Fantasia wrap-up.

Top Ten Favourite Films

  1. Deathgasm
  2. Turbo Kid
  3. They Look Like People
  4. Who Killed Captain Alex?
  5. Nina Forever
  6. We Are Still Here
  7. Momentum
  8. The Demolisher
  9. Deadman Inferno
  10. Possessed
Honourable Mentions: Extinction, AnguishSynchronicity, Bite, Tag

Least Favourite Films

Wish I’d Seen
  • She Who Must Burn
  • Love & Peace
  • Attack on Titan
Number of Films Seen
  • 41
    • 21 – Screeners and Press Screenings
    • 20 – Festival Screenings

Number of Reviews Reposted from Past Festivals

  • 6
Number of Interviews Conducted
  • 2
Number of Days in Montreal
  • 8
Theatre Tally
  • Concordia Hall Theatre – 12
  • J.A. De Seve Theatre – 8
Fantasia Fest 2015 Photos

Fantasia Film Festival 2015

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