TIFF 2015: The Whispering Star

Sion Sono (Why Don’t You Play in Hell?) directs the minimalist science fiction film The Whispering Star. Sometime in the future, artificially intelligent machines make up 80% of the population. Yoko Suzuki, No 722 (Megumi Kagurazaka) is an android, whose job it is to fly in a spaceship to different planets and deliver packages to a the few remaining humans. Along the way, Yoko becoming curious about what exactly is in these packages that she travels long distances and many years to deliver.

It has been an incredibly busy year for director Sion Sono, who has produced at least half a dozen films this year, including TagShinjuku Swan, and Love & Peace. However, of these films, The Whispering Star is a very interesting selection, since it is quite unlike the types of films Sion Sono is usually known for. Starring Sono’s wife Megumi Kagurazaka and featuring black and white cinematography and a minimalist soundtrack, The Whispering Star is a very experimental effort for the Japanese director.

I would be hard pressed to say that The Whispering Star has a true narrative. Instead, it just follows Yoko as she goes through her many daily routines, which includes delivering parcels, recording a daily audio log, and trying to fix her ship’s computer’s fascination with the moths in the ceiling lights. In addition, some of Yoko’s interactions of humorous, such as when she meets a man with a can on his foot. Ultimately, the film does become a bit repetitive and its 100 minute runtime is maybe a bit too long. However, the film is still a very intriguing departure for Sion Sono.

 ★ ★ ★ 1/2 | FAIR  


  • Saturday, September 19, 7:00 PM – TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

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