TADFF15: Patchwork

Three women find themselves joined together into a Frankenstein-like creature in Patchwork. Following an underwhelming birthday celebration in a bar, Jennifer (Tory Stolper) is attacked in her home and when she awakens, she finds that she has been patched together with the bodies of party girl Ellie (Tracey Fairaway) and shy girl Madeleine (Maria Blasucci), all of whom share the same consciousness. Desperate for revenge against the mad scientist responsible, this Frankenwoman retraces her steps, killing everyone she deems responsible.

Patchwork is a horror-comedy, which examines what would happen if Frankenstein’s monster had a shared conscious. While the creature of Patchwork is played solely by actress Tory Stolper in a lot of prophetic make-up, the film frequently ventures into the mind of the creature and depicts the three women of Jennifer, Ellie, and Madeleine having conversations with each other and collectively deciding what do. Beginning as a hideous combination of the three girls, the creature eventually has a makeover and becomes a pink-haired leather-jacket wearing badass, who listens to earbuds while enacting bloody revenge.

The plot of Patchwork is told in eight different chapters, which slowly reveal the backstory of each of the three girls and how they became part of this Frankenwoman. The tone of the film is a mix of some pretty hilarious comedy and some very bloody violence. There is also one line pretty late in the film that is so ridiculously hilarious that it solidified my enjoyment of Patchwork.  With a pretty well-balanced mix of bloody horror and dark comedy, Patchwork is a well done Frankenwoman revenge film.

8 / 10 stars

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