TADFF15: Wrap-Up

The tenth annual edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has come an gone. This year’s festival was a different experience for me, since I had already seen 8 of the films earlier this year as part of my coverage of the Fantasia Film Festival. Since I plan on covering Fantasia again, I would expect this to become a more regular thing. While Toronto After Dark didn’t reach the same highs it did with last year’s line-up, it was still a very solid festival and I overall enjoyed myself.

Without further ado, here are my top films of the festival.

Top Five Feature Films (First Time Watches)

  1. Love & Peace
  2. The Hallow
  3. Patchwork
  4. Gridlocked
  5. Backtrack
Top Three Feature Films (Fantasia Rewatches)
  1. Deathgasm
  2. Nina Forever
  3. The Demolisher
Top Five Canada After Dark Shorts
  1. Portal to Hell!!!
  2. F**K Buddies
  3. Point of View
  4. Heir
  5. The Champ
Top Five Shorts After Dark Shorts
  1. Vicous
  2. Myrna the Monster
  3. The Black Forest
  4. Boniato
  5. Exordium
Toronto After Dark 2015 Photos

Toronto After Dark 2015

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