Reel Asian 2015: Miss India America

An overachieving Indian-American girl enters into a beauty pageant in Miss India America. Lily Prasad (Tiya Sircar) is an aspiring brain surgeon, who is used to winning everything and she has the perfect plan for the perfect life with her boyfriend Karim (Kunal Sharma). However, when Karim breaks up with Lily for a beauty queen, she decides to get revenge by entering into the Miss India Golden State beauty pageant. However, Lily has some major competition in the pageant by the seemingly perfect Sonia Nielson (Hannah Simone).

Miss India America is a comedy that focuses on the somewhat arrogant and egotistic protagonist of Lily. Lily is a person that is used to winning all the time and she finds her world shattered when her boyfriend breaks up with her and disrupts the perfect plan that she had for her life. By entering into a beauty pageant, Lily finds much more than she bargained for and this might be an event that she finds it difficult to win.

There probably isn’t an event that’s more shallow than beauty pageants, which focuses a lot what’s on the outside and not so much on what’s on the inside. As such, overachieving aspiring brain surgeon Lily finds herself really outside her element when she enters the Miss India Golden State Pageant. While Miss India America isn’t the most deep of films, it does have some important messages involving self esteem and how winning isn’t everything.

7 / 10 stars
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