BITS 2015: White Raven

A camping trip takes a turn for the worse in White Raven. Jake (Aaron Brooks), Dan (Shane Twerdun), Kevin (Andrew Dunbar), and Pete (Steve Bradley) are four friends going on a weekend trip of camping and drinking. All the men are leaving behind stressful situations in their lives, with the hope that this weekend will be a chance for them to escape and unwind. However, it quickly becomes apparent that something is not quite right about Pete, which quickly turns this camping trip into a fight for survival.

Featuring most of the same cast and creative team as She Who Must Burn, White Raven is a wilderness thriller about four friends going on a weekend camping trip that quickly turns sour. The first act of the film deals primarily with the stresses in each of the these four men’s lives, such as Jake being unemployed and a budding alcoholic and Dan having a girlfriend who might be pregnant. From the opening scene, it is apparent that Pete is the most unhinged of the group, with his mental instability quickly becoming a danger to the safety of the other three friends.

White Raven is a film that really takes its time to build its suspense, with not a whole lot happening in the film until close to the end, As a result, White Raven is a bit of a slog to get through, with much of the film being these four men sitting and drinking in the woods. The title refers to a native legend, which also works as a metaphor for the plot of the film. While there is some pretty tension and a clever use of lighting towards the end, White Raven is ultimately a somewhat dull wilderness thriller.

6 / 10 stars

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