My Thoughts on the 2016 Golden Globe Nominees

I am really late to the party giving my thoughts on the nominees for the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards, which were announced nearly a week ago. I suppose my delay comes from the fact that it is more apparent each year that the Golden Globes are far from a prestigious awards show, with the nominees being more about popularity and attracting stars than anything else. I still plan on watching the awards on January 10, so I might as well do my obligatory random thoughts.

  • Seeing Mad Mad: Fury Road among the five nominees for Best Picture – Drama really caused me to raise my eyebrows. I like the movie, but calling it Best Picture (or a drama) may be a bit of a stretch.
  • As always, Best Picture – Comedy/Musical features the most bizarre definitions of comedies or musicals. The case in point this year is how The Martian somehow got a nomination in this category.
  • Alicia Vikander solidifies her breakthrough year with two nominations in two separate acting categories.
  • Has anyone heard of, let alone watched, Infinitely Polar Bear, which got Mark Ruffalo a nomination for Best Actor – Comedy/Musical?
  • I haven’t seen it year, but only two nominations for The Hateful Eight surprises me
  • It would be really great if the stop-motion Anomalisa wins in the Best Animation category, showing that CGI is not the only way to go. Probably won’t happen though.
  • I’ve only heard of one of the foreign nominees, that being Son of Saul
That’s all for now. I’ll be back in the new year with my predictions.
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