Canadian Film Fest 2016: Jackie Boy

A self-destructive womanizer beings to change his ways in Jackie Boy. Jack (Alino Giraldi) is a man in a small town, who regularly indulges himself in drinking, drugs, and one night stands. However, when he meets Jasmine (Shannon Coulter), Jack is inspired to turn a new leaf and distance himself from his equally self-destructive friend Kal (Edward Charette) and Tony (Andrew Di Rosa). However, it quickly becomes apparent that Jack cannot easily escape from his past.

When Jack is introduced in Jackie Boy, he is not really a likable guy. In fact, it can almost be said that he is a complete sleazeball, who has a one night stand with a girl and posts naked pictures of her one Twitter. It can almost be said that Jack and his friends are the epitome of rape culture, who treat women like objects, with no concern for their feelings. However, this all changes when Jack meets Jasmine and he begins to abandon his old ways, as he begins to seriously fall for her. However, the damage may have already been done and Jack’s womanizing past will surely come back to haunt him.

Jackie Boy is not a really easy film to watch at times. Jack’s womanizing antics in the first act is quite sexually explicit and the film builds up to a quite dark an disturbing conclusion. However, as Jack’s story develops, it becomes apparent that he is not exactly the sleazeball that he initially appeared to be. This almost helps the more tragic aspect of the story, since Jack’s past as a womanizer will become the major roadblock of him having a happy ending with Jasmine. While, Jackie Boy is most definitely not a film for everybody, the film is still recommended for the complicated themes it tackles.

8 / 10 stars


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