Canadian Film Fest 2016: Chasing Valentine

A depressed man strikes up an unlikely connection with a call girl in Chasing Valentine. Following the tragic loss of the love of his life, Chase (Adam Langton) spends much of his time home alone, editing adult videos for his friend Brad (Brad Cowan). However, one night at a bar, Chase meets Valentine (Gwenlyn Cumyn), a call girl who describes herself as a “natural culinary artist.” Chase and Valentine quickly develop a connection with other, however the complications of Valentine’s career might end up getting in the way.

Chasing Valentine is a film that mixes romantic drama with some thriller elements. At the core of the film is Chase living a depressed non-existence as he is haunted by memories of his departed love Scarlet (Jen Pogue). Meeting Valentine seems to be to be the best thing to happen to Chase in quite a while, with the two quickly developing a close connection. However, things quickly get complicated as Valentine’s friend Alex (Ryan Fisher) having developed money troubles with some shady characters.

It can be hard to tell what type of film Chasing Valentine is trying to be sometimes. It probably would have been enough if the film was merely a slightly comic romantic drama, in which Valentine’s career as a fetish-based call girl caused some strain on her relationship with Chase. While this indeed becomes an issue, the film also has some dark and violent thriller elements, which almost seem like they belong in a different type of movie. While this tonal inconsistency is indeed Chasing Valentine‘s biggest fault, the film as a whole is still a fair enough watch and gets a mild recommendation.

7 / 10 stars


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