Hot Docs 2016 CAST Awards Announced

The Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto has announced their awards for the 2016 edition of the Hot Docs Film Festival. Fourteen individuals contributed their picks for the top documentaries of the festival, with David Farrier and Dylan Reeve’s stranger than fiction investigation story Tickled coming out on top. The other top films include Jay Cheel’s How to Build a Time Machine and the rotoscoped school shooting reenactment Tower.

Here is the full top ten:

  1. Tickled
  2. How to Build a Time Machine
  3. Tower
  4. Life, Animated
  5. Wiener
  6. Contemporary Color
  7. Credit for Murder
  8. Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You
  9. (tie) Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World
  10. (tie) The Slippers
You can read the full breakdown by going here.

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