2016 at the Half

We have reached the halfway point of 2016 and the question to be asked is what have I thought of the year so far? This has definitely been a bit of a slow year when it comes to seeing quality films. While I have indeed seem many films that I liked, I have so far seen very few that I have loved. In fact, the focus of the year seems to be more on the notable celebrities who have died, than the quality of the films that are coming out.

If there is a film from this year that I can unequivocally name as my favourite, it would be John Carney’s 1980s-set musical Sing Street, which is undoubtedly the director’s best film since his breakthrough Once from a decade ago. The only other films I can consider among my favourites of the year comes in the form of the documentaries How to Build a Time Machine, Life, Animated, and Tower.

While the first six months of 2016 have been a bit slow for me, there is still plenty for me to look forward to. Traditionally the films the end up on my list of my favourite films of the year don’t get released until the fall, so it is far too early for me to write off this year.

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