Fantasia 2016: Harmony

A special agent investigates a recent plague of suicides in a Utopian world in Harmony. In a future world, all of humanity is controlled by a system known as WatchMe, which has practically put an end to sickness and old age. Tuan is a high ranking agent of world’s leading health company, who is haunted by a failed suicide pack with her teenage friend Miach. A terrorist attack hacks the WatchMe system, leading to mass suicides, and Tuan is given five days to locate who is responsible.

More than two decades after Ghost in the Shell comes another anime fable about a world controlled by technology. In fact case of Harmony, humanity is controlled by a system known as WatchMe, which uses augmented lenses to analyze every action that a person makes and ensure that they make the right choices. Tuan’s friend Miach was against this system and wanted Tuan to participate in a suicide pack, which she ends up surviving. With Miach supposedly dead, Tuan is constantly haunted by the decision she made many years ago.

If there was a little fine-tuning made to Harmony, it could have easily been a Ghost of the Shell of a new generation. However, the film is ultimately less about this supposedly Utopian society controlled by technology and more about Tuan trying to find closure from her past. Harmony is still a fine film, but it could have easily been more.

7 / 10 stars
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