Fantasia 2016: Lazy Hazy Crazy

Three teenage girls have complicated relationships in Lazy Hazy Crazy. Alice, Chloe, and Tracy are free 18 year olds living in Hong Kong. The more outgoing Alice and Chloe have made a successful living for themselves as prostitutes, with the the shy Tracy deciding to give it a try. However, the friendship between the three girls is tested when they each pursue the same man.

Lazy Hazy Crazy is a very sexualized coming of age story about three seemingly average teenagers in Hong Kong, who happen to sleep with older men for money. While on the surface, this seems like a very objectifying story, director Pang Ho-Cheung shows this life of teenage prostitution through the a feminine eye, with the film ultimately being much more about the friendship between these three girls.

I’m not going to sidestep the fact that Lazy Hazy Crazy is a very sexual movie, with three lead girls frequently seen having or talking about sex. However, the film is not really about the sex and more about the relationship between these three friends, who happen to partake in prostitution. While the girls themselves aren’t ashamed of this fact, there is an uneasy scene in the film, where one of them is practically strip searched by her own grandmother. When it all comes down to it, Lazy Hazy Crazy is a heart-tugging coming of age tale about friendship and prostitution.

7 / 10 stars
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