Fantasia 2016: Some Freaks

Two social outcasts find love with each other in Some Freaks. Matt (Thomas Mann) is an awkward teenager, who repeatedly finds himself bullied over the fact that he wears a patch over his lost eye. One day Matt meets Jill (Lily Mae Harrington), an overweight girl with dyed-blue hair and a lip piercing, who also happens to be the aunt of Matt’s best friend Elmo (Ely Henry). As fellow outcasts, Matt and Jill quickly develop a connection and they fall for each other. However, things begin to change when Jill moves to the west coast for college.

Some Freaks is a drama that examines what exactly it means to be considered normal. The central characters are only considered to be “freaks,” since their appearance falls outside of what is socially accepted to be normal. Matt and Jill fall in love because of their differences, however the relationship hits a roadblock when Jill moves across the country and both make an attempt to conform to society, with Matt acquiring an artificial eye and Jill making an effort to diet and lose weight. At the same time, closeted homosexual Elmo holds a somewhat delusional crush on a star basketball player.

Through Some Freaks, director Ian MacAllister McDonald makes a powerful debut with an excellent and sometimes hard to watch romantic drama that breaks down what society considers to be normal. Lily Mae Harrington gives a very standout performance as the female lead Jill, particularly the physical change the character goes through at the midway point. Each of the three protagonists face their own conflict about the way society perseveres them, which can lead to some very ugly results. Some Freaks is a film that should be watched by anyone who is different, so they can learn that it can be OK to go against the social norm.

9 / 10 stars

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