Fantasia 2016: Wrap-Up

My coverage of the 20th annual edition of of Fantasia International Film Festival has come to an end. For the second year in a row, I made the trip to Montreal to see a wide variety of films from around the world, ranging from heavily hyped genre films, the best of Asian cinema, and some under the radar independent dramas. I can definitely say that I have grown to enjoy attending Fantasia and I plan on covering the festival once again, though it’s still up in the air whether I’ll trek to Montreal for the third year in a row or take a year off.

Without further ado, here is my full wrap up of the 2016 Fantasia Film Festival!

Top Ten Favourite Films

  1. The Lure
  2. Some Freaks
  3. In a Valley of Violence
  4. Trash Fire
  5. The Wailing
  6. The Phantom Detective
  7. Baaghi
  8. The Love Witch
  9. For the Love of Spock
  10. Kaijyu Mono
Least Favourite Film
Wish I’d Seen
  • Train to Busan
  • Yoga Hosers
  • I Am Not a Serial Killer

Number of Films Seen

  • 32
    • 26 Festival Screenings
    • 1 Repertory Screening
    • 5 Screeners
Number of Reviews Posted from Past Festivals
  • 8
Number of Interviews Conducted
  • 3
Number of Days in Montreal
  • 10
Theatre Tally
  • SGWU Alumni Auditorium (Hall Theatre) – 16
  • J.A. De Seve Theatre – 11
Fantasia 2016 Photos

Fantasia 2016

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