Hot Docs 2017: Brimstone & Glory

Go behind the scenes of Mexico’s National Pyrotechnics Festival in Brimstone & Glory. Tultepec is considered to be fireworks capital of Mexico, with over two thirds of the population manufacturing the pyrotechnic devices. Every year there is a festival put on in the city in celebration to the Patron of Fireworks San Juan de Dios. The residents of the town prepare for the festival, which includes building large papier mache bulls.

In Brimstone & Glory, director Viktor Jakovleski brings your right into the action of Tultepec’s National Pryrotechnics Festival. With a heavy use of slow motion photography and GoPro cameras, this documentary is an up close and personal look at the incredibly beautiful, yet very dangerous, world of fireworks.

There is a moment in Brimstone & Glory where people are being treated for some very bad burns they received during the festival. However, despite the danger, it is almost a mark of pride to get burned during this fireworks festival. At least through Brimstone & Glory, you can watch the beauty of these fireworks close-up, without having to worry about getting yourself set on fire.
8 / 10 stars

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