Hot Docs 2017: Communion

A teenage girl takes care of her autistic brother and struggles to hold her family together in Communion.  Ola is 14 year old Polish girl, who has to take care of her household, in lieu of her dysfunctional alcoholic father and absentee mother. This including caring for her autistic brother Nikodem, who is about to receive his First Communion.

Communion is an observational documentary about a dysfunctional Polish family, who is being held together by the oldest teenage daughter. Ola is desperate for her mother Magda to move back home and Nikodem’s upcoming First Communion becomes a pretext to reunite the family.

I went into Communion expecting it to be entirely about the autistic Nikodem preparing to receive his First Communion. However, it turns about the the communion itself has very little focus in Communion and the film is much more about Ola trying to hold the family together. The film is fine, even though the film ends without too much resolution to anything.

7 / 10 stars


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