Fantasia 2017: Dead Man Tells His Own Tale

A sexist advertising director being an undead slave to a secret sisterhood of mystical women in Dead Man Tells His Own Tale. Angel Barrios (Diego Gentile) is a director of perfume commercials, who frequently objectifies women and cheats on his wife Lucila (Moro Anghileri). However, one night Angel is seduced by a group of vampiric women, who proceed to kill him and make Angel their zombified slave, who is no longer able to make any sexist comments and periodically enters a trace to join other undead slaves in digging a giant hole in the woods.

Dead Man Tells His Own Tale is a Argentinian horror-comedy that has a womanizing man getting punished for his misogynistic behaviour. A victim of his own womanizing, Angel finds himself an undead slave of of sisterhood of Celtic goddesses, who want to raise their deity and put an end to patriarchy. Angel leans about his new undead status from his similarly undead friend Eduardo (Damián Dreizik) and slowly learns to be a better man for his wife and young daughter, despite the fact that he is not technically living any more.

There’s quite a bit in Dead Man Tells His Own Tale that reminds me of Álex de la Iglesia’s Witching & Bitching, particularly the developments that happen in the final act. However, I do have to say that Dead Man Tells His Own Tale is a bit of a messy film that is trying to both be a dark comedy commenting on misogyny, while also featuring supernatural horror elements. I was also somewhat unsatisfied with the ending, which seemed more like a set-up than a conclusion. Ultimately, Dead Man Tells His Own Tale has some interesting themes, but doesn’t quite nail the execution.

7 / 10 stars

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