TIFF17: The Lodgers

Two twin siblings living in a haunted manor seem destined to continue the family curse in The Lodgers. Rachel (Charlotte Vega) and Edward (Bill Milner) are 18 year old twin sibling living alone in their decrepit family mansion. The two are forced to abide by rules from something that lives in the house’s cellar, though Rachel is desperate to break the curse placed on her family many generations ago, particularly after she becomes attracted to recently returned soldier Sean (Eugene Simon). However, Edward is determined to ensure that Rachel continues to follow “their” rules.

The Lodgers is a gothic horror film meant to evoke the atmosphere of the Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting and other similar works. Rachel and Edward have been living alone together since their parents tragically drowned many years ago. While Rachel desires to venture into the outside world, Edward has become a reclusive shut-in. The two are affected by a curse that has plagued their family for hundred of years and despite Rachel’s desire for the contrary, there may be no choice for the two twins to follow in their parent’s footsteps.

If there is anything positive I have to say about The Lodgers is that the film successfully establishes its gothic horror atmosphere. However, despite the atmosphere, The Lodgers ends up being a pretty disappointing film with a lackluster plot, CGI ghosts, and zero real scares. Then there’s the film’s big reveal, which is hinted at throughout the film, but is still pretty facepalm worthy. Overall, while its atmospheric, The Lodgers is a mediocre gothic horror film.

6 / 10 stars


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