Hot Docs 2018: Women of the Venezuelan Chaos

The sociopolitical situation in Venezuela is shown from the point of view of five women in Women of the Venezuelan Chaos. Despite the top suppliers of oil, Venezuela has become a very insecure country, with shortages in food and medical supplies. The stories of five women from varying socioeconomic backgrounds are told to illustrate a country in chaos.

With Women of the Venezuelan Chaos, filmmaker Margarita Cadenas uses the story of her subjects to construct the overall narrative of Venezuela as a country in major crisis. This includes nurse Kim, who is without supplies at her hospital, community manager Maria Jose, who stockpiles diapers acquired from the black market, unemployed Eva, who has to wait hours for a food delivery, retired police officer Luisa, whose son was unlawfully jailed, and waitress Olga, who is still recovering from a tragic case of mistaken identity by the OLP special forces.

Women of the Venezuelan Chaos opts to just tell the story of the five women, with only a basic context of the political situation going on in Venezuela. While the situation in the country is indeed dire and is an important story to tell, I do have to admit that I found the film a bit dry at times. However, this is still a film that is worth checking out.

7 / 10 stars
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