Golden Globes Wrap-Up

As I watched tonight’s Golden Globe Awards, I was reminded why I have fallen out of favour with them in recent years.  This particular awards show has become increasingly difficult to pick, since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association seems to select these awards out of a hat.  They seemed to particularly love American Hustle, which […]

2013 Golden Globes Predictions

So, it turns out that the Golden Globes are happening tonight.  Even though I’ve cared less and less about the awards in recent years, I still sometimes luck out when predicting what will win. Here are my no-frills predictions, I’ll probably write a more in-depth wrap-up afterwards.   Best Picture – Drama: 12 Years a […]

My Thoughts on the 2014 Golden Globe Nominees

Well, the Awards season is upon us once again, with the announcement of this year’s Golden Globe nominees.  As you may know, I’ve fallen out of favour with the Golden Globes in the last few years, since they seem to occupy their own little world and are no longer really the Oscar predictor they once […]

Golden Globes Wrap-Up

I kind of feel silly now. After all my ranting about how I only got four predictions right last year and that the Golden Globes are the Bizzaro Land of award shows, I ended up doing quite well with my predictions this year, even though a few of those correct predictions were pure guesses.  I […]

2012 Golden Globes “Predictions”

Despite my rant earlier today, I decided that I will indeed watch the Golden Globes.  I’m going to post my “predictions” here as a formality, even though I’m not going to put too much thought into them.  As such, it will definitely be interesting how many of these I actually get right.  Expect the wrap-up […]

The Golden Globes Are Tonight and I Don’t Really Care

There was once a time when you could say that the Golden Globes were a good way to predict what films may win at the Oscars.  Usually the same films get nominated at both and there have been many occasions in which at least one of the two Best Picture winners would go on to […]

Thoughts on the 2013 Golden Globe Nominees

The nominees for the 70th annual Golden Globes were announced yesterday.  As always, I shall give my random thoughts: I’ve only currently seen two films each from the Best Picture Categories. Hopefully that will change by the time of the ceremony. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen really sticks out among the “Best Picture – Musical/Comedy” […]

Golden Globes Wrap-Up

Boy was I off.  The Golden Globes last night were not an enjoyable watching experience, as I only correctly predicted 4 of the 14 movie awards.  Some were slight miscalculations, with my alternate picks ending up willing, while others seemed complete out of left field. The biggest surprise of the night for me was that […]

Golden Globes “Predictions”

This year I decided to write “predictions” in quotes as a way of acknowledging the Golden Globes is a bit of a sham of an awards show. At one time you can say that the Globes were a good way to see who will win at the Oscars.  However, in recent years, you have had […]

Thoughts on the 2012 Golden Globes Nominees

Once again, it is time to kick-off Awards season with the nominees for the 69th annual Golden Globe awards.  Last year I was a bit puzzled at some of the nominations, which were a bit more populist than usual.  While this did result in a loss of credibility for the Globes in my eyes, they are […]