Golden Globes Wrap-up

Last night at the Golden Globes The Social Network ended up being the big winner with four wins, including Best Picture – Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Score. I had great success with my predictions as I correctly guessed 9 out of 14 of the winners. Now it’s time for a very interesting […]

Golden Globes Predictions

The Golden Globes may not mean so much these days (just look at those puzzling nominations for Best Picture – Musical/Comedy), however I still thought it would be fair to give my predictions anyway. Best Picture – Drama Nominees: Black Swan The Fighter Inception The King’s Speech The Social Network Prediction: The King’s Speech Alternate: […]

My Thoughts on the Golden Globes Nominees

The nominees were announced for the 2010 Golden Globe awards. As I always do, here are some random thoughts: I’ve seen all but one of the “Best Picture – Drama” nominees, which I am sure will be remedied once The Fighter is released. I’m a bit surprised that Burlesque got a nomination for “Best Picture […]

Golden Globes Wrap-up

This was definitely a tough Golden Globes to predict, though for the record I got 6 out of 14 of my predictions, which was better than last year. This year my wrap-up will be a little different.  Last night, I made various Twitter comments during the ceremony, so I thought it would be best to […]

Golden Globe Predictions

It is a tough group of nominees for this year’s Golden Globes and it makes predicting harder than ever. Well, I will try my best. Best Picture – Drama Nominees: Avatar The Hurt Locker Inglourious Basterds Precious Up in the Air Prediction: The Hurt Locker Alternate: Avatar Reason: I believe that based on its critical […]

My Thoughts on the Golden Globes Nominees

The nominees were announced for the 2009 Golden Globe awards. As always, here are some random thoughts:   Avatar really sticks out in the list of Best Picture – Drama nominees. If The Hangover wins Best Picture – Comedy or Musical it will be a happy day. In a perfect world, one of the two […]

Golden Globes Wrap-Up

This year’s Golden Globes was full of surprises, including huge success for Slumdog Millionaire. Here is my wrap-up: Best Picture – DramaMy Prediction: Frost/NixonWinner: Slumdog MillionaireFinal Thoughts: From winning the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival to this, it has been a Cinderella Story for this film. This surprise win makes the Oscar […]

Golden Globe Predictions

It is once again time for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to present their awards, which is often seen as a precursor to the Oscars. As always here are my predictions for the film categories. Best Picture – DramaNominees:The Curious Case Of Benjamin ButtonFrost/NixonThe ReaderRevolutionary RoadSlumdog Millionaire Prediction: Frost/NixonAlternate: Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonReason: I’ve […]

My Thoughts on the Golden Globe Nominations

It’s that time again. The Golden Globe nominees have been announced and like last year, I will give some random thoughts on the nominations: No real surprises in the Best Picture (Drama) category. Though I would have also liked to have seen The Wrestler on that list. There are also no surprises in the Drama […]

My Thoughts on Atonement with a Golden Globes Wrap-Up

Not content in watching a super stripped down version, I skipped the Golden Globes last night. However, I did check the results online late last night. I got 7 out of 14 of my predictions correct, which is down from last year, but still a fair number (50%). My biggest surprise was reading that Atonement […]