Ledger’s Death More Shocking Than Oscar Nominations

This would usually be the time that I would post my thoughts on the Oscar nominations. However, there were no real surprises with this year’s nominations and they are complete over-shadowed by the fact that actor Heath Ledger was found dead today. It’s always sad when a celebrity dies, especially when you have grown to […]

Oscar 2007 Wrap-Up

It was a bit of tough year this year. I only got 13 out of 24 predictions this year. However, I still got all but one of the major six, so everything’s not all but Here are my final thoughts on the major winners. Best PictureMy Prediction and Winner: The DepartedFinal Thoughts: I never thought […]

2007 Oscar Predictions

Another year, another set of Oscar predictions. This year’s bunch of nominees is harder to call this year, but I will try my best. Oh, before I make my predictions, I want to make a comment about the fact that Dreamgirls is the top nominee, but it not nominated for Best Picture. Simply put, Dreamgirls […]

Oscar 2006 Wrap Up

It was a good year for me this year, since I got 15 out of 24 predictions correct.  In fact, in the major categories, I only got one wrong. As such, here are my final thoughts on the major winners. Best PictureMy Prediction: Brokeback MountainWinner: CrashFinal Thoughts: The real surprise of the night.  However, since I did […]

2006 Oscar Predictions

‘Tis that time again. I shall now pick who I think will win doing the Oscars this upcoming Sunday. As you may know, it’s a more “indie” group in the nominees this year, which should make for an interesting night for movie buffs and a boring one for the mainstream fans (you can’t please anyone). […]

Oscar 2005 Wrap Up

My predictions sucked a bit this year, with me only getting 10 of the 24 categories. The good news in all of this is that, when my pick didn’t win, my alternate won. So, if I just made a few of those alternates my primary pick, it would have been a very good year. Maybe […]

2005 Oscar Predictions

Well, here it is. I’m finally going to attempt to predict the winners of 77th Annual Academy Awards, which will be presented one week from today. In the 5 or so years I have been making predictions for myself, this is the hardest bunch of nominees to predict. To help me, I’ve collected the winners […]

Oscar Nominess – First Thoughts

The Oscar Nominations have been announced this morning. There are really no suprises this year. All the predicted front-runners got their nominations, with The Aviator getting the most nods with 11 nominations. I have been reading the this year’s Oscar’s is going to be, to reference Million Dollar Baby, a real boxing match. (especially since […]