Fan Expo 2013: Second Half and Wrap-Up

Well, Fan Expo is done for another year and I am gathering my thoughts about how my 5th year at the convention went.  For the second half of the weekend, I decided to take shelter from the crowded exhibition floor and actually check out some Q&A panels.  I saw a quite enjoyable panel on Saturday […]

Fan Expo 2013: Thoughts at the Midway Point

The 19th edition of Fan Expo Canada is now halfway through and I finally have some time to express my thoughts on my 5th convention experience.  Even though Fan Expo is occupying both building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this year, the bulk of the action remains in the main exhibition hall of the […]

Fan Expo 2013: Highlights of the Convention

Tomorrow is the start of the 19th annual edition of Fan Expo Canada.  This year’s convention is aiming to the biggest ever, since it will now occupy the entire Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  It’s also a milestone for me, since this will be my fifth year attending Fan Expo.  Going to a convention like this […]

Fan Expo 2013: It’s Expensive to Be a Geek

This is more or less a follow-up to the post I made in March when the ticket prices for this year’s Fan Expo was released.  In the five years I have been going to the convention, the pass prices have slowly, but steadily increased and now a deluxe pass, which gets you access for the […]

Fan Expo 2013: The Price of Growth

I went to Fan Expo Canada for the first time in 2009.  Before that time, I decided to skip out on the convention, because I was taken aback by how pricey the tickets were.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that James Duval from Donnie Darko was appearing, I probably would have also […]

Fan Expo Canada Expands in 2013…with some controversy

A big announcement was made today in regards to the 2013 edition of Fan Expo Canada and the geeks aren’t that happy about it.  In addition to the traditional categories of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming, Fan Expo has added a new sports show to the convention.  A number of sports celebrities have been […]