Fan Expo 2013: The Price of Growth

I went to Fan Expo Canada for the first time in 2009.  Before that time, I decided to skip out on the convention, because I was taken aback by how pricey the tickets were.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that James Duval from Donnie Darko was appearing, I probably would have also […]

Fan Expo Canada Expands in 2013…with some controversy

A big announcement was made today in regards to the 2013 edition of Fan Expo Canada and the geeks aren’t that happy about it.  In addition to the traditional categories of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming, Fan Expo has added a new sports show to the convention.  A number of sports celebrities have been […]

Fan Expo 2012: Post-Convention Wrap-Up

Well, Fan Expo Canada is over for another year.  This was my fourth time coming to convention and it has gotten busier each and every year that I went.  I was especially excited for this year’s edition, since there was so many great guests announced.  Of course, some of those guests (most notably Patrick Stewart) […]

Fan Expo 2012 Day 4: Time for the Headliners

Christopher Lloyd The bulk of my final day at Fan Expo was spent going to my two must-see Q&A sessions, both of which were preceded by a 1-2 hour wait in line to ensure the best seats. The first Q&A I went to was for John Carpenter.  The start of the Q&A was slightly delayed […]

Fan Expo 2012 Day 3: Showcase Panels Rule

Continuum Panel On a Saturday that was so busy that I could barely move, I spent most of the day check out Q&A panels.  I ended up getting good seats for both of the panels for Showcase television shows that were happening.  The first panel was for Lost Girl, a show that has become so […]

Fan Expo 2012 Day 2: From John Carpenter to Kevin Smith

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Nothing much happened for me on the second day of Fan Expo, since I used it as the day to get my autographs and photo-ops out of the way.  I initially lined up for what I thought would be a quick autograph with Levar Burton, but he was late […]

Fan Expo 2012 Day 1: Getting Acquainted on a Low-Key Day

Julie Benz If today was the only day you were going to attend Fan Expo Canada, sadly you chose one of the worst days to go. It was a very slow opening day for the Expo and I spent most of the afternoon getting acquainted with the showfloor, which featured some enjoyable elements like a Frankenweenie exhibit, […]

Fan Expo 2012: Highlights of the Convention

We are only three days away from the start of Fan Expo 2012.  It is now the third largest convention of its kind in North America (behind the San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con) and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by this very large convention. In fact, it’s probably best to […]

Fan Expo 2012 – Getting Ready 5 Months Early

This year, it is apparent more than ever that Fan Expo Canada’s rapid growth is fast making it the Canadian equivalent of the San Diego Comic-Con. It definitely seems that they are aiming for sell-out crowds at this year’s convention.  Why else would they put tickets on sale today – nearly 5 months before the […]

Fan Expo 2011 – A Photo Retrospective

Here is the gallery of all the photos I took during Fan Expo.  I had my camera out nearly the entire weekend and I would always snap a picture whenever I came across something interesting.  Hope you enjoy.