Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2019: Pre-Screening Shorts

Here are my thoughts on the pre-screening shorts from the 2019 Toronto True Crime Film Festival. Watching Karla Homolka After spending over 12 years in prison for the murders committed with Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka now lives in Quebec. However, a group of civilian activists have made it their duty to keep tabs on Homolka’s […]

Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2019: Law & Shorter: Short Film Unit

Her are my thoughts on the films that played as part of the short film showcase at the 2019 Toronto True Crime Film Festival. Adjournment We are placed inside a Belgium courtroom during a murder trial, where a witness testifies about discovering his entire family murdered. Adjournment is a film that provides both a peak […]

Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2019: Mope

Two aspiring porn actors try to make it in the adult industry in Mope. Steve Driver (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and Tom Dong (Kelly Sry) are two “mopes,” a somewhat derogatory term aimed towards under-performing talent in the porn industry. Steve and Tom are reluctantly hired by Eric Long (Brian Huskey), a low-grade filmmaker specializing in filming […]

Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2019: Sakawa

Underemployed youth in Ghana try to make a living through online scams in Sakawa. In a Ghanaian slum, a group of youth, including siblings Ama and One Dollar, use salvaged computers to create fake online personas, which they use to try and scam lonely westerners out of their money. Sakawa, named after the Ghanian term […]

Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2019: Bei Bei

A Chinese immigrant finds herself charged with murder, after a failed suicide attempt results in the death of her unborn infant, in Bei Bei. Falling into depression after her boyfriend leaves her, pregnant Chinese immigrant Bei Bei Shuai attempts suicide by ingesting rat poison. Bei Bei ends up surviving, however, her child dies soon after […]

Hot Docs 2019: Wrap-Up

Another edition of the Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival has come and gone. I seen a wide range of films this year, with subjects dealing with everything from politics to toilets (and politics about toilets). So, without further ado, here is my wrap up of the festival. Top Ten Favourite Films nîpawistamâsowin: We Will […]

Hot Docs 2019: Trixie Mattell: Moving Parts

The growing celebrity of drag queen Trixie Mattell is documented in Trixie Mattell: Moving Parts. Trixie Mattell, aka Brian Firkus, is drag queen, comedian, and musician, who began to rise in popularity following her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Despite losing on her first appearance on the show, Trixie teams up with fellow drag queen […]

Hot Docs 2019: Supreme Law

Various internet stars tell the story of the patriation of the Canadian constitution from different perspectives in Supreme Law. In the early 1980s, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau set to gain control of the Canadian constitution from Great Britain. The story of these events are told from different perspectives by internet stars Jus Reign (Prime Minister), […]