BITS 2017: Buckout Road

A group of young people are tormented by dreams involving urban legends on a supposedly haunted road in Buckout Road. Aaron Powell (Evan Ross) returns home from military service to stay with his estranged grandfather Lawrence (Danny Glover), who as the town psychiatrist is interested in the connection between the suicide of humanities teacher Stephanie Hancock (Mayko […]

BITS 2017: Fake Blood

A documentary about the connection between movie violence and real life violence goes horribly wrong in Fake Blood. Rob Grant is an aspiring filmmaker, who makes low budget horror films with his actor friend Mike Kovac. After receiving a creepy fan video related to their film Mon Ami, Rob and Mike become concerned that the […]

BITS 2017: Kill Order

A young man with hidden abilities goes on the run from attackers in Kill Order. David Lee (Chris Mark) is a troubled teenager living with his “uncle” Andre Chan (Daniel Park). One day while David is school, a group of armed men storm David’s classroom. This seems to awaken something within David, giving him deadly fighting […]

BITS 2017: Red Spring

A group of survivors try to seek shelter during a vampire apocalypse in Red Spring. The world has been overrun by vampires and only a small percentage of the human population remains. A group of survivors that include Ray (Jeff Sinasac), Carlos (Jonathan Robbins), Eric (Adam Cronheim), Bailey (Lindsey Middleton), and Mitchell (Reece Presley) are […]

BITS 2017: Experiencing Both Sides

The sixth edition of The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is going to be a very interesting experience for me. This is mainly because that instead of attending purely as media, I am actually one of the filmmakers at this year’s festival, with my short film Itch playing as part of the Short Film […]